Business today is global. You are challenged by your global and local competitors
and you are challenging them in the continuous race. Owners are demanding growth
and profitability daily. We at 3K Advisor Group are committed to serve you. We are
not offering either any ready solution from the books, or training.

We want to work with you, for setting your strategies alive. With you. Also generating
and implementing the action plans with you, if you are missing some resources for
specific actions.

Provides management consulting services with over 50 years of cumulative working experience related to expanding international operations of different kind of growth companies. We are offering our competencies and commitment to companies searching for the new growth by:

  • focusing your strategies to new directions (change, challenge, new process)
  • new market entries to new countries, to and from Finland (partners, subcontracting)
  • participating in your foreign operations (board, sales, cases, contracting)
  • planning the actions to improve your market share.

Your extra arm in any business operations in Finland, or abroad.

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