Cai Granfors, born 1969, BBA

Growth through international expansion is most often the option of choice for product companies. Trough my experience I know it is of utmost importance for you have the correct strategy as well as to review and revise it continuously to ensure success. I will be glad to share my expertise with you in order to target the correct markets, clients and also importantly to know your competition and their future plans. Focus on execution and flexibility in meeting the customers needs is the ‘secret sauce’ for sales success and profitability.

3K Offering for You:

Resources for your needs, project basis or part time.

Commitment with Long term strategy consulting experience with wide knowledge of Finnish Industry.

Experience in market operations from 5 continents; Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia. Proven success in establishing subsidiaries and managing them.

Fields of knowledge: telecommunications, IT, food and wood industry
  • Sales and operations management in Network and Network security related businesses for 7 years
  • Development of international sales and distribution channels in Europe and Americas
  • Set up and management of business operations in Europe and US
  • Launch of products and product lines in new markets
  • Tradition to grow sales with 100+% yearly
  • Latest project grew a start up from $0 to $3M in a very soft market in less than 18 months
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