Heikki Järvensivu, born 1955, MSc Eng. and Econ.

In the growth and internationalisation phases of Your Company You will face many new kind of challenges which can´t be solved with Your current toolkit. In order to be able to tackle them properly You often have to develop new strategies, introduce new processes, change structures and search for new resources. All this has to be done without jeopardizing Your core business. This means that You have to plan Your step marks carefully and execute changes efficiently and quickly - and at the same time keep Your commitment to Your goals and visions for the long term.

3K Offering for You:

Resources for your needs, project basis or part time.

Commitment with Long term strategy consulting experience with wide knowledge of Finnish Industry.

Experience in market operations from 5 continents; Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia. Proven success in establishing subsidiaries and managing them.

Fields of knowledge: telecommunications, IT, food and wood industry
  • Over 20 years´ expertise in top level management consulting relating to strategy and structure processes, management development and internationalisation
  • Wide range experience in paper & wood, construction and food industries, IT, retail and banking
  • Operative activities in strategy and structure processes, mergers and acquisitions and organisation development in several geographical areas and countries as Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, North America, Baltic countries, Russia
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