Jussi Järvensivu, born 1963, Master of Laws, MSc Econ.

Contracts and transactions today are more and more international and comprehensive which often means that also the legal aspects and the stipulations tend to be very complex and detailed. On the other hand changes in the business world are so fast that there´s also a clear need for agility and flexibility e.g. relating to different kind of contractual matters and administrative systems. So therefore, in addition to up to date expertise it is very important to understand the framework and the strategy of the client´s business in order to be able to counsel the client properly.

With our extensive experience and sound analytical skills we are able to offer effiient solutions and with our hands-on commitment we together can reach & exceed your targets.

With our multifunctional experience and knowledge I can assure you our team can integrate with your people to implement winning business solutions and strategic marketing concepts in diverse & challenging cultural environments including e.g. China & Middle East.

3K Offering for You:

Resources for your needs, project basis or part time.

Commitment with Long term strategy consulting experience with wide knowledge of Finnish Industry.

Experience in market operations from 5 continents; Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia. Proven success in establishing subsidiaries and managing them.

Fields of knowledge: telecommunications, IT, food and wood industry
  • Legal counselling of SMEs in multiple business fields, like machinery, IT and services
  • Wide range of legal services for enterprises; like contracts, frame agreements , representative arrangements, M&A, IPR, taxation, labour law matters
  • Set up of new companies, legal and administrative matters of start ups
  • Administration and financial matters for subsidiaries and SMEs. International networking with France, Spain, UK.
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