To launch finnish companies internationally:

We assist you to find right answers when defining your growth strategy:
  • Which part of your business has the best growth potential?
  • Where is the real competetive edge of your business and how to make it sustainable?
  • What is the customer benefit and ROI of your offering?
  • What is the nature of the global competition in this business?
  • What are the critical steps of the growth process and what is the right order to proceed?
  • What are the critical resources your company needs in order to implement the growth strategy efficiently?

3K at Your Service:

Establishing business activities in Europe

Launching Finnish companies internationally

Consulting related to development of strategy, structures and the management organisation

The Process to Reach Success:
A well defined business process with a reasonable investment and clear goals
  • Target Markets
  • Business Plan
  • Sales Strategy
  • Launch
  • Localisation
  • Execution
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